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This is a blog that I started in April 2006, just after I first put on my bogu (kendo armour). It collects the advices given by more experienced kendo practitioners as well as those from my own experiences. Both technical and the mental aspects of kendo are written in the blog. I hope someone will find them useful or interesting at least!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Team shiai-geiko

In yesterday's training we did 30+ mins jigeiko and then shiai-geiko with two teams. No kihon as for the first time in a long while we didn't have beginners.

In shiai-geiko, we We split into an all female team and an all male team. We had only four in our team so Patrick had to fight twice. The lineup in our team was: Patrick-me-Georg-Patrick-Stephan; and in the other team: Anna-Lilli-Liv-Christin-Elisa. We won all the matches. But they gave pretty impressive performances. Elisa was especially strong, who showed a lot of fighting spirit.

I won my match 1-0 with a harai-men. Most of the time when I attacked men, Lilli blocked it. So I tried some feinting techniques and a do-strike. But the do-strike was not strong enough. A feint-men-kote landed sharp, but was not called out. (We had only one shimpan.) I guess it's because the view was blocked. Anyhow, I should be more efficient, and cleaner, otherwise exhaustion can reduce my performance.

Advices from Georg:
  • Faster kote-men.
  • Don't let the left foot fall behind
  • When someone raises shinai to defend men, it's the chance to strike kote.
At the moment I really need to increase the speed of kote-men.


Vivian Yung said...

Wow, this is the real 'Battle of the Sexes' for kendo. (Not sure if you've heard about this TV series. =P

Ivan said...

Eh.. never heard of it actually. Just being curious, who won in the end? :)