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This is a blog that I started in April 2006, just after I first put on my bogu (kendo armour). It collects the advices given by more experienced kendo practitioners as well as those from my own experiences. Both technical and the mental aspects of kendo are written in the blog. I hope someone will find them useful or interesting at least!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Congratulations Stephan!!!!

Congratulations to Stephan who just had his first child -- a daughter!

The training proceeded as normal with Georg as the trainer. Stephan only came briefly and left presumably because he has lots of things to do. We didn't spend that much time on Kihon at all, and went into jigeiko after 30 mins. I didn't feel that I've impressed myself today, but I guess that's just a normal training.

Things I felt lacking:
  • Ki ken tai ichi
  • Zanshin - real alertness, instead of just "showing it".
  • bringing forward my hip
Things I felt improved:
  • kote-nuki-kote
  • mobile footwork
Against taller dojo-mates I was too defensive. I was anticipating that men-strike, which lead to actually being struck, like I was lost even before the opponent initiated the attack. Deep, ain't it? I should not be afraid but seme in and strike.

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